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                                             Fortune History

  William Fortune (1863-1942)   SELECT           Evelyn Fortune Bartlett (1887-1997)  SELECT

     Robert Fortune (1919-1973) and the 6th Bomb Group in the Pacific Air War   SELECT


                                      Books: Loved....and Not

                                Review of Books Read @

                                                                     Description: Description: SELECT


                                       Economics and Finance*

                                  OnLine Seminars on Economic and Finance History 

                                                                   Description: Description: SELECT

                               The History of Economic Ideas               Financial Regulation

                          Financial Crises: 1636 – 2000               The Financial Crisis of 2008-2009


                                     Science and Mathematics 


                                       The Special Theory of Relativity

                          Quantum Mechanics: Foundations, Concepts and Applications, and Information

                                                            Meteorology: A Short Course  NEW

                                                                       Number Theory  NEW

                                                             Cosmology (Under Construction)                                                  



                                                              (anti)Ode to a Boat  SELECT

                                                                        M/Y Myeerah  SELECT                     


                                                Favorite Destinations   SELECT

                                                          Oak Island, Nova Scotia      

                                                     Cape Ann and Annisquam Village, Massachusetts

                                                            Isles of Shoals, New Hampshire/Maine

                                                                           Castine, Maine

                                                                       Roque Island, Maine

                                                                        Southwest Florida



                                                          Boating Physics         SELECT

                                                       Norse Mythology           SELECT     

                                                    Oak Island Treasure       SELECT

                                                      Exterior Ballistics          SELECT


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* Peter Fortune received his Ph. D. from Harvard University in 1973.  He was an economics professor at Harvard (1973-1977) and at Tufts University (1977-1995), where he chaired the Economics Department.  From 1995 until he retired in 2005 he served as Senior Economist and Advisor to the Director of Research at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.  His responsibilities at the Boston Fed were in financial risk management.  He has published papers in the areas of Financial Markets and Financial Institutions, State and Local Government Finance,  Macroeconomics, Federal Reserve policies, and Derivative Securities.